Web Development Agency

At Lab3Web we take web development very seriously and we develop websites that are easy to navigate and user friendly so that your customers keep coming back. Our web developers work hand in hand with our web designers in order to make semantic mark-up languages like XHTML, CSS etc and transform static PSDs into interactive working web browser pages. We are pretty versatile in the web technologies that we use and our skillset (PHP, ASP, Python, HTML, CSS etc) allow us to build websites both for the Front End user but also for the Webmaster so that are easy to manage. The result is a project that is not only well coded but also well engineered from top to bottom.

Who doesn’t love open-source?

Content Management Systems (CMS) can sometimes be clanky and one size fits them all kind of platforms that can make the web administrator’s life really difficult so here at lab3web we love WordPress!! Websites built with WordPress allow clients the flexibility to add, update, and edit content within their website as they see fit without requiring any coding or knowledge of HTML markup. Clients are able to keep their content fresh and up to date by taking direct control of images, copy, formatting, calendars and blogs. For us, at lab3web, WordPress is the most user-tested, community-supported, open-source, vastly extensible CMSes available.

Tailor Made Content Management Systems

Except WordPress at lab3web we love custom made web delevopment solutions, we are able to build a web custom CMS solution that looks, functions and caters your everyday needs. Whether a dynamic informational website, an e-shop or a fully functional database driven one we are able to offer you the appropriate solution for your business needs.