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We are a creative web design agency. We are crafting story telling websites.. We do that by firstly finding out what we need to know about you and your needs. We listen and learn! Open, clear and concise communication is the key. Once we have fully understood your requirements and your vision we will create and design the most effective ideas to communicate your needs. Together we will review and once our strategy is solid, you will decide what suits you best. Compelling, instinctive and conversion-focused design doesn’t just magically happen. At Lab3Web we center on creating lasting impressions and on building brands. Our web design agency focuses on the look and the feel of a website. We blend up to date superior web designing skills with business analysis and technical experience to provide you with the best possible return on your website development investment. Your web identity really matters and usually nowadays is the first impression of your brand with people that are looking for your services or products. Sadly, we all know that you do not get a second chance to make a first impression. So think twice!? Choose a real web design agency that really cares about your image. At Lab3Web we love design!! We create the right impression first time.


The digital world is evolving and we live in the age of the ever-present connected device so adapting your website to multiple type devices is not any longer a nice to have option, its almost the web standard. According to the biggest search engine (Google) if your website is not responsive to other platforms rather than the desktop one then is most likely that your are missing out on potential customers. Considering the above facts you should choose your web design agency very carefully. Over a third of your customers primarily go online using their smartphones or tablets to look up information about a business so how do you make sure that you engage and effectively reach your potential customers if your website does not respond well and does not provide a positive experience no matter the platform the user is using? Well, let our web design agency take care of that!

Mobile Web Design Agency


At Lab3Web, we do not just do web design, we only do responsive web design and we highly recommend it. We are a creative web design agency that thinks mobile first. Steve Jobs, entrepreneur, marketer, and inventor, famously quoted that “Design is not just what it looks and feels like, Design is how it works”. We are hardcore believers of responsive design, your website should flow seamlessly everywhere and in every device and therefore We build websites that adapt and respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation. We are a responsive web design agency.