Choosing Solari as our headquarters was a quite easy decision. Located just 2 km away from Corfu Town, in a fully accessible suburban part of the city via car, public bus or even on foot. A well developed area which keeps evolving every day with lots of both well known and new, firms and companies choosing it to build their stores or offices. It grants a great quality of natural beauty that inspires us along with plenty of coffee shops, restaurants and shops, that provide us all the essential products to fill our needs and helps us working fully concentrated on our projects


After a long day in the office, all a man needs is to relax. Living in Corfu makes it a pretty easy and beautiful experience. Marvellous beaches in abundance wait for us to visit them while the sun is still up, and if it is too late for that, a walk at the old Corfu Town seems ideal. In any other case there is always a great chance that, since we all happen to love a well roasted steak and a couple of beers, a BBQ gets organised every now and then, for the team of Lab3Web and maybe a couple of good friends or partners.

Need More About Corfu Town?

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Pizza, Cafe, Bars, Traditional Taverns and more…