6 Reasons to use SEO on your business’s website

28 Jun 6 Reasons to use SEO on your business’s website

Lots of people make the decision to invest on a website for their local business. A decision that seems to be perfect because this website is expected to bring new customers, more sales, it will introduce the business to people that live away from the store’s physical location or even build a brand in the area and in the end it will maximize the general profit of the company.


Right? The answer is not so straightforward as it may seem in a physical world. The internet though is a slight different world to a physical world and therefore you need more than just a beautiful website. There are many ways to help improve your website’s ranking in the search engines and for the purpose of this blog we will talk about the importance of SEO or else known as search engine optimisation!


Having a website is important but clearly not enough.


There is a whole world that hides behind a website’s content that is balancing on the thin line between art and science.


But why would a small business website owner invest on Search Engine Optimization – SEO?


Well, the main and actual reasons are no more than two

  • Firstly because you want users to enjoy visiting your website, through a great user experience and in conclusion they will tell to their friends, either on person or via social media networking.
  • After that, because you want the search engines to place your website as high as  possible at the search result pages


Let’s see what SEO can do for your business, how you can use SEO for your profit and in what level it is truly evitable


6 Reasons to use SEO for your business’s website


1    Reach more customers and reach new markets


magnet SEOOne of the main reasons of having a website for your business is to reach new customers. And one of the main reasons that users search online about a product or service is to find new businesses that can provide it to them. It is an undeniable fact that businesses that have a website grow much faster than those who don’t. SEO can help you gain high position in search result pages and consequently it will lead to users that are beyond your service area to get to know you and of course visit your website and why not, become your customers


2    Increase your website traffic



website trafficWell, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the visitors of your website become your customers in the end, as it does not necessarily mean that all the people who enter your physical store convert into buyers. But the highest website traffic you succeed, the higher is the chance to truly convince people to trust you. Receiving high organic traffic is like having your store open 24/7 for your possible customers


3    Keep happy both the search engines and your visitors


SEO will help you optimize your website for the search engines, but in the end what you will really succeed is providing your user with the optimal experience of a friendly, well organized, operational and fast website. What search engines want is to give the user the information he needs in the best possible way. If you grant them the optimal information, then you are the one that a search engine will choose to show to their users.


4    Be better than your competitors


podiumLet’s say you own a local store and there’s a guy at the above street who owns a similar store. You both are the same niche, you both sell similar products or services and you both have similar prices. Now imagine that you have a website and you invest time and money on SEO. The most likely scenario is that if your store gets in the top of search results it unconsciously means you are good at what you are offering. A user finds your website, visits it and tells his friends on social media that he visits your place. Then some of them will come and visit your place too and share their experience as well, inviting more and more of their friends to come over and before you even realize it, there’s a number of new customers at your store as a result of good SEO, that in other occasion they might not even know the existence of it at the specific place.

Don’t forget that nowadays people are always looking on the internet for what they need so if your competitors are doing SEO and social media marketing you cannot let them be alone on this kind of promotion. On the other hand, if they are not, grab the chance and do it yourself and let them stay behind you and watch you rising when they are still waiting for customers to enter their store.



5    Get more conversions


The main benefit of internet marketing and SEO as well, is that it targets on attracting people that are already looking for the product or service that you are offering. There is no reason to try to convince users that they need your product. They know they do and that’s why they searched online for it. All you have to do is to convince them to buy it from you. If you appear on the top search results when they are searching for your product then you are half the way to the final conversion. And once they visit your business’s website if you have invested on granting them the optimal experience then you can feel safe that you are about to gain a new buyer


6    Build your Brand


Users are more likely to trust you if you happen to be on the top results of their search result page. The average user certainly does not visit all the results and lots of people don’t even bother to browse after the first fifty. Just because when a user looks for something he wants to get the information quickly and effectively. So make sure that each time a user looks for your product or service, you will be there just in front of his eyes. If he keeps coming on your name he will think that since your brand appears frequently at the top positions it probably means that it is trust worthy.


SEO is one of the most important and best techniques to optimize your website for users and search engines as well. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if no one visits it. Help your business grow by investing on a white hat SEO campaign. But remember, only white hat SEO techniques will really help you! SEO is both an art and a science.