15+1 Different ways to Google it

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17 Jul 15+1 Different ways to Google it

Google is the most used search machine and google.com is the most visited website right now. You certainly are a Google user as well, either constantly or occasionally. But do you know the features that let you use Google in a different, faster, easier, more useful way? Here are just a few of them, so that we help you find faster whatever you are looking for, or just change the way you see and use Google till now.


How many times in your entire life have you Googled something but the results were way too many and in the end you got lost into an ocean of suggested results? By using the following techniques you can filter out your results before you even see them.



01 Quotes ” ” Screenshot at Jul 17 14-22-36


If you are completely sure that the sentence you are looking for matches completely, what you just typed, all you have to do is write it between quotes. You will get results of webpages that include your entire sentence without an alterations, exactly as you wrote it.



02 Quotes with asterisks ” * ” google search using quotes and asterisks

But what do you do if you don’t remember the exact phrase and you still try to find out which song is the one you’ve been listening at the radio before? Replace each missing word with an asterisk and you will get all the webpages that contain the sentence with any word that fits instead of the asterisk.



03 Minus – 

google search using minus

Let’s say that you are looking for something and Google gets you lots of results that may seem relative with your search but are completely irrelative with what you really need to know. This happens because sometimes a word might have multiple meanings. For instance the word “panda” refers to an animal, a car, an antivirus software and even Google’s algorithm. But you are only interested in the animal. The solution is simple. Exclude the rest meanings and get access to what you really are looking for!



04 Two periods ..

google search using two periods

Use it when you want to limit the results into a certain width of numbers or values. Looking for used cars between $1500 and $3000? Or looking for webpages and articles that refer to revolutions that took place between 1769 ad and today? Now you know which operator you have to use…



05 site:

google search using site:

Returns results for your search term an a certain website or a certain domain. See what NY Times say about Bob Marley using bob marley site:nytimes.com or see what greek websites say about him using bob marley site:.gr


06 link:

google search using link:

See all the websites that point the website you are interest in



07 related:

google search using related:

Find websites that are similar or related to the one you already know



08 OR

google search using or

Combine several words using OR between them and see all the results for these words as if you were performing separate searches



09 info:

google search using info:

See any information you need about the website you are looking for, such as the cached version of the site, similar websites, and pages that link to the site.


You can even make Google perform as


10 dictionary 

Get a full definition of any word you need by using define before the word



11 calculator

Search for the word calculator and calculate anything you want right on your screen



12 timer

Search for the word timer, set the time and let the countdown begin… When it’s over an alarm starts ringing to warn you!



13 weather forecast

Use the word forecast before the city you want and a weekly weather forecast about your city!



14 food consultant

Use the word vbetween two foods and get a full comparison between them!



15 library of works of famous persons

Find your favourite artist’s songs or writer’s books using the word by

songs by Bob Marley, books by Mark Twain, movies by Jim Carrey, paintings by Picasso etc.


15+1 BONUS

Try to find Chuck Norris using Google. You can’t and there is an explanation why… Our suggestion? Follow Google’s Suggestions!